Learn about the fundamental differences between diamond electroplating and diamond vacuum brazing finishes. 

We continue our series on The Basics with an in-depth review of the different resin bond types typically used in diamond resin polishing pads.

We go back to basics and explain the differences and uses for natural industrial diamonds and synthetic diamonds.

Learn how diamond sintered and diamond segmented tools fundamentally work.  Learn the basics about the manufacturing process, the mechanics, choosing the right tool and troubleshooting issues. 

We are extremely proud and honored to participate in the Lac-Mégantic Sculpture Symposium commemorating the July 2013 derailment that tragically claimed 47 lives.  Jeff Watson, a local sculptor talks about the event and his piece: The Messengers

We had an opportunity to visit a mosaic tile processing facility to see our new porcelain J-Slot tile blade in action.  At the same time, we got a quick lesson on blade tensioning from Vincent, our resident blade guru.