Reinforced Concrete

  • Diamond Aligned segment
  • Special segment bond capable of cutting through rebar
  • Standard Core - A great blade to always have on-hand
  • Reduced Noise Core - Preferred blade for high speed power saws or gas powered saws
  • Silent Core - Meets safety decibel requirements. For use on stationary saws only.
Gas Powered Saw , Stationary Saw , Walk Behind Saw
Wet , Dry
SKUDiameterThicknessCenter HoleDescription
LWRC1212M12" (300mm).125"20mmStandard
LWRC1410M14" (350mm).110"20mmStandard
LWRC1616N16" (400mm).165"1"-20mmStandard
LWRCR1212M12" (300mm).125"20mmReduced Noise
LWRCR1410M14" (350mm).110"20mmReduced Noise
LWRCR1412M14" (350mm).125"20mmReduced Noise
LWRCS1410N14" (350mm).110"1"-20mmSilent Core
LWRCS1412N14" (350mm).125"1"-20mmSilent Core

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