Ceramic Cupwheel


  • The ceramic cupwheel is designed specifically to access edges and tight spaces.
  • The access to difficult places saves your time and money.
  • Our 5 grits level is all you need to get the job done.
  • The ceramic cupwheel will work very fast to remove scratches.
  • Fast and efficient but still has long life!

5/8-11 Thread

Hand Held Grinder
Wet , Dry
SKUDiameterGritCenter Hole
CWC050030A5" (125mm)305/8-11 Thread
CWC050050A5" (125mm)505/8-11 Thread
CWC050100A5" (125mm)1005/8-11 Thread
CWC050200A5'' (125mm)2005/8-11 Thread
CWC050400A5" (125mm)4005/8-11 Thread
CWC070030A7'' (180mm)305/8-11 Thread
CWC070050A7'' (180mm)505/8-11 Thread
CWC070100A7'' (180mm)1005/8-11 Thread
CWC070200A7'' (180mm)2005/8-11 Thread
CWC070400A7'' (180mm)4005/8-11 Thread

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