Diamond Tough

  • High performance water based non-toxic chemical treatment
  • Designed to harden, strengthen, stabilize, protect, and increases the mass & density of concrete structures
  • Penetrates the concrete producing an insoluble by-product that directly encapsulates the cementious properties of concrete
  • This process reduces the porosity, increases the surface hardness and compression strength of the concrete (in some cases as deep as 3" into the concrete)
  • Makes the concrete extremely resistant to water and contaminant penetration.
  • The process allows the concrete to breathe while still giving excellent protection
  • This process is designed for normal, dense, high strength concrete and should not be used on porous concrete blocks or similar type concrete.
  • Diamond Tough can increase the useful life of normal concrete up to 40%
  • Diamond Tough coverage rate: 400–800 sq ft per gallon
  • Always read the MSDS and follow the application instructions carefully.
FTC020055 Gal (19L)
FTC0205555 Gal (208L)

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