Diamond Xtract Gloss

Benefits at a Glance
  • Environmentally friendly to match the green technology of densified concrete.

  • Works with concrete, terrazzo and other cementitious floors

  • Leaves a residue-free surface.

  • Enhances the appearance of the floor by making the surface smoother

  • C.F.I.A. approved for use in food handling establishments and food preparation areas.

  • Penetrates, emulsifies and suspends soils from the surface of the floor making them easily removable.

  • Ultra-high concentration for maximum efficiency and superior performance.

Smoother Surface: Less Marking & Soiling

Xtract Concentrate contains densifier that will enhance the appearance of the floor by eliminating scratches, thereby making the surface more smooth. With regular use, Xtract Concentrate works with the correct floor cleaning pads to hone the floor to a smoother surface that will reduce marking and soiling.


Tough on Dirt, Gentle on Flooring

Xtract Concentrate is an exceptional floor cleaner/enhancer designed to clean and protect all types of concrete floors. The very latest chemistry is used to create Xtract Concentrate to give maximum cleaning efficiency without harming the floor surface or the environment.

Soil suspension is the true secret when it comes to cleaning both concrete and other stone-type floors. The single most important function is
to remove all soils from the floor and Xtract Concentrate does it better, quicker, and more thoroughly than any other product presently offered in the market. Xtract Concentrate contains proprietary ingredients that not only suspend soils but also literally pull oil-type soils out of the pores of the concrete.


Pore Deep Cleanser, Residue-Free!

Xtract Concentrate is specifically formulated to work with concrete, terrazzo and other cementitious floors to clean oil & grease
as well as regular soils from the pores and surface and leave the floor clean and in its original condition application after application. This product rinses completely from the floor leaving a residue-free surface that will not attract additional soil or grease.

XTCG01248 x 12oz

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