PolyPad Edge

  • The PolyPad Edge works with the new generation of square oscillating machines.
  • These pads offer serious advantages over traditional round pads with regard to edge work.
  • They are full surface pads utilizing complete diamond coverage for optimal scratch patterns and long life.
Wet , Dry
PLP1420040040014" x 20"
PLP1420080080014" x 20"
PLP14201500150014" x 20"
PLP14203000300014" x 20"
PLP14206000600014" x 20"
PLP1424040040014" x 24"
PLP1424080080014" x 24"
PLP14241500150014" x 24"
PLP14243000300014" x 24"
PLP14246000600014" x 24"
PLP1428040040014" x 28"
PLP1428080080014" x 28"
PLP14281500150014" x 28"
PLP14283000300014" x 28"
PLP14286000600014" x 28"

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