Polar Premium - 2 Round

  • High performance grinding product
  • Combination of superior diamonds and an extremely durable and unique matrix
  • Engineered to be heat resistant Last much longer than competitive products and will not glaze
  • Amazing results on most types of concrete from soft to very hard
  • Yields a superior concrete floor surface
  • Round segments are less aggressive and leave a more subtle scratch pattern
  • Best for natural stone and terrazzo applications
  • Using round segments often makes for an easier transition into resin polishing pads
Concrete Floor Machine
Concrete, Terrazzo
Wet, Dry
GPM2RXS01616Polar Magnetic System
GPM2RXS02525Polar Magnetic System
GPM2RXS04040Polar Magnetic System
GPM2RXS08080Polar Magnetic System
GPM2RXS150150Polar Magnetic System
GPM2R01616Polar Magnetic System
GPM2R02525Polar Magnetic System
GPM2R04040Polar Magnetic System
GPM2R08080Polar Magnetic System
GPM2R150150Polar Magnetic System

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