Polar Magnetic System™

Polar Premium - 2 Segments

Polar Magnetic System™

Polar Premium - 2 Segments

  • High performance grinding product
  • Combination of superior diamonds and an extremely durable and unique matrix
  • Removes stock quickly and efficiently to greatly reduce your product and labor cost
  • Engineered to be heat resistant
  • Last much longer than competitive products and will not glaze.
  • Amazing results on most types of concrete from soft to very hard
  • Yields a superior concrete floor surface that is ready for polishing or coating
  • The double rectangular segments remove adhesives, coatings and lippage
  • Takes the floor from coarsely structured surface to pre-polish

  • Concrete Floor Machine
  • Concrete
  • Terrazzo
  • Wet
  • Dry
GPM2016Polar Magnetic SystemMedium16
GPM2025Polar Magnetic SystemMedium25
GPM2040Polar Magnetic SystemMedium40
GPM2080Polar Magnetic SystemMedium80
GPM2150Polar Magnetic SystemMedium150
GPM2XH016Polar Magnetic SystemHard16
GPM2XH025Polar Magnetic SystemHard25
GPM2XH040Polar Magnetic SystemHard40
GPM2XH080Polar Magnetic SystemHard80
GPM2XH150Polar Magnetic SystemHard150
GPPX20163-Hole SystemSoft16
GPPX20253-Hole SystemSoft25
GPPX20403-Hole SystemSoft40
GPPX20803-Hole SystemSoft80
GPPX21503-Hole SystemSoft150
GPP20163-Hole SystemMedium16
GPP20253-Hole SystemMedium25
GPP20403-Hole SystemMedium40
GPP20803-Hole SystemMedium80
GPP21503-Hole SystemMedium150

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