Ten S

  • Subtle scratch pattern
  • Radial edge rides smoothly over lippage and greatly reduces scratches on the floor
  • Substantially long life product 
  • Available in multiple attachment configurations
  • Polar Magnetic System & 1/2-20 thread
  • Female hook & loop
  • One & two pin systems
Concrete Floor Machine
Concrete , Terrazzo
Wet , Dry
TST1030S016Polar Magnetic SystemSoft3" (76mm)16
TST1030S030Polar Magnetic SystemSoft3" (76mm)30
TST1030S070Polar Magnetic SystemSoft3" (76mm)70
TST1030S120Polar Magnetic SystemSoft3" (76mm)120
TST1030016Polar Magnetic SystemMedium3" (76mm)16
TST1030030Polar Magnetic SystemMedium3" (76mm)30
TST1030070Polar Magnetic SystemMedium3" (76mm)70
TST1030120Polar Magnetic SystemMedium3" (76mm)120
TST1030H016Polar Magnetic SystemHard3" (76mm)16
TST1030H030Polar Magnetic SystemHard3" (76mm)30
TST1030H070Polar Magnetic SystemHard3" (76mm)70
TST1030H120Polar Magnetic SystemHard3" (76mm)120
TSV03100016Hook & Loop3" (80mm)16
TSV03100030Hook & Loop3" (80mm)30
TSV03100070Hook & Loop3" (80mm)70
TSV03100100Hook & Loop3" (80mm)120
TSV03100200Hook & Loop3" (80mm)220
TS11030016 One & two pin system3" (76mm)16
TS11030030 One & two pin system3" (76mm)30
TS11030070 One & two pin system3" (76mm)70
TS11030120 One & two pin system3" (76mm)120
TS11030220 One & two pin system3" (76mm)220

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