Wizard Copper Hybrid

The Wizard concrete polishing pad is an excellent transition from metal bonded tools to diamond resin tools.  An Ideal tool to prepare concrete floors for a cream polish.


Switch SystemTM

Paired with the Switch Resin Backplate, this resin polishing pad was designed to sequence perfectly with the Switch System metal bonded tools.  Switch tools are engineered to perform on both Prep/Master® and Husqvarna® machines. In addition, using our patent-pending Conversion Clip, these same tools are also a perfect match for Terrco® machines.  

Concrete Floor Machine, ROPE Machine
Concrete, Terrazzo
Wet, Dry
WCH300303'' (76mm)30
WCH300503'' (76mm)50
WCH301003'' (76mm)100
WCH302003'' (76mm)200
WCH304003'' (76mm)400

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