The Flare resin polishing pad is ideal for heavier machines and best suited for jobs over 10,000 square feet.  Designed to run dry, this concrete resin polishing pad yields and excellent gloss and finish. 

Looking for a similar pad for a lighter machine?  Check out the Hurricane.

Switch System

The Falre was specifically selected to run on medium and heavy Prep/Master® and Husqvarna® machines.  Learn more about the Switch SystemTM here.

  • Concrete Floor Machine
  • Concrete
  • Dry
FRP300503'' (80mm)50
FRP301003'' (80mm)100
FRP302003'' (80mm)200
FRP304003'' (80mm)400
FRP308003'' (80mm)800
FRP315003'' (80mm)1500
FRP330003'' (80mm)3000