Switch Plate - Oval Segments

Oval Segments

This tried and true tool is used to do floor preparation in advance of polishing. It is efficient and effective but a little less aggressive than our 2-seg tool but with a more refined scratch pattern and longer life.

One tooling system. Three machine brands.

Switch tools are engineered to perform on both Prep/Master® and Husqvarna® machines. In addition, using our patent pending Conversion Clip, these same tools are also a perfect match for Terrco® machines.

Switch SystemTM Advantage

One tooling program for three machines. Maximize your sales while carrying less inventory. Ideal tooling program for distributors.

Concrete Floor Machine
Wet, Dry
EGGP3OSM0163 Oval SegmentsMedium16
EGGP3OSM0253 Oval SegmentsMedium25
EGGP3OSM0403 Oval SegmentsMedium40

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