March 18th Statement

We wanted to take a moment to reach out to assure you that we are actively monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation very closely.  We are committed to taking measures to ensure the health and safety of all our employees and their families while still supporting you and your business through this uncertain time.


Our Commitment to Our Employees

In light of our local governments’ call for voluntary social distancing, many of our employees have been mandated to work remotely to limit unnecessary contact.  All remote staff are accessible by phone and email. We encourage you to continue to reach out to your sales representative should you have any questions or concerns.


For those employees working in our local manufacturing facility, we have mandated the following health and safety measures:


  1. Increased hand hygiene
  2. Proper respiratory hygiene
  3. Clean and disinfect all surfaces
  4. Safe working distances of 2 meters between staff
  5. Avoid public transit 


Our Commitment to Our Clients

We consider all our clients as an integral part of our extended business family and community.  As such, we are equally committed to supporting your business in any way we can. We have worked to ensure the least amount of impact on our supply chain in order to maintain a steady flow of products.  In addition, our local manufacturing facility will remain open to service all electroplating, vacuum brazing, and machining orders.


We will continue our efforts to fulfill your needs as best we can.


Supporting our employees, their families and our client community is something we take to heart.


Stay safe & healthy,

Stephen Steinberg & Harvey Stark