SETup Catalyzer

SETup Catalyzer

The SETup Catalyzer is a unique combination of a densifier and a sealer engineered to bring a previously polished floor to a bright and durable finish. The product has strong adhesion and will not peel or flake. It can be reapplied anytime and does not require stripping.

Works Best With

When it comes to restoring your concrete and terrazzo floors, nothing is more simple and efficient than pairing the SETupTM Catalyzer with the RP&M pad Buff 1 and 2.

After applying the SETup Catalyzer and using the RP&M Buff pads, run the ULTRA Shine Fine to bring your floors up to a brilliant gloss finish.


SETup™ Program

Features & Benefits

Reduce your facility maintenance cost while increasing the quality and appearance of your floors.

  • Eliminating the need for strippers and multiple chemicals
  • Reducing the need for burnishing and polishing equipment
  • Conserving of water
  • Saving labor costs

Dilution Ratio: 1:256

  • Auto-Scrubber
  • Concrete
  • Terrazzo
SETUPCA404Case 4 x 4L