• Bring back the original gloss
  • Removes scratches and restores luster
  • Part of a complete maintenance program
  • Unique manufacturing process
  • May be run wet or dry depending on your needs
  • Wear dot indicators on the face guarantees the most productive life
Concrete Floor Machine, Hand Held Grinder, Swing Machine
Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo
Wet, Dry
PLP0304003" (75mm)400
PLP0308003" (75mm)800
PLP0315003" (75mm)1500
PLP0330003" (75mm)3000
PLP0404004" (100mm)400
PLP0408004" (100mm)800
PLP0415004" (100mm)1500
PLP0430004" (100mm)3000
PLP0504005" (125mm)400
PLP0508005" (125mm)800
PLP0515005" (125mm)1500
PLP0530005" (125mm)3000
PLP0604006" (150mm)400
PLP0608006" (150mm)800
PLP0615006" (150mm)1500
PLP0630006" (150mm)3000
PLP0704007" (180mm)400
PLP0708007" (180mm)800
PLP0715007" (180mm)1500
PLP0730007" (180mm)3000
PLP077504007 3/4" (200mm)400
PLP077508007 3/4" (200mm)800
PLP077515007 3/4" (200mm)1500
PLP077530007 3/4" (200mm)3000
PLP13040013" (330mm)400
PLP13080013" (330mm)800
PLP13150013" (330mm)1500
PLP13300013" (330mm)3000
PLP13600013" (330mm)6000
PLP14040014" (350mm)400
PLP14080014" (350mm)800
PLP14150014" (350mm)1500
PLP14300014" (350mm)3000
PLP14600014" (350mm)6000
PLP15040015" (380mm)400
PLP15080015" (380mm)800
PLP15150015" (380mm)1500
PLP15300015" (380mm)3000
PLP15600015" (380mm)6000
PLP16040016" (400mm)400
PLP16080016" (400mm)800
PLP16150016" (400mm)1500
PLP16300016" (400mm)3000
PLP16600016" (400mm)6000
PLP17040017" (430mm)400
PLP17080017" (430mm)800
PLP17150017" (430mm)1500
PLP17300017" (430mm)3000
PLP17600017" (430mm)6000
PLP18040018" (450mm)400
PLP18080018" (450mm)800
PLP18150018" (450mm)1500
PLP18300018" (450mm)3000
PLP18600018" (450mm)6000
PLP19040019" (483mm)400
PLP19080019" (483mm)800
PLP19150019" (483mm)1500
PLP19300019" (483mm)3000
PLP19600019" (483mm)6000
PLP20040020" (500mm)400
PLP20080020" (500mm)800
PLP20150020" (500mm)1500
PLP20300020" (500mm)3000
PLP20600020" (500mm)6000
PLP21040021" (533mm)400
PLP21080021" (533mm)800
PLP21150021" (533mm)1500
PLP21300021" (533mm)3000
PLP21600021" (533mm)6000
PLP24040024" (600mm)400
PLP24080024" (600mm)800
PLP24150024" (600mm)1500
PLP24300024" (600mm)3000
PLP24600024" (600mm)6000
PLP27040027" (686mm)400
PLP27080027" (686mm)800
PLP27150027" (686mm)1500
PLP27300027" (686mm)3000
PLP27600027" (686mm)6000

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