RP&M Pad

RP&M Pads produce a high-quality, uniform finish on concrete and terrazzo floors that do not have a topical coating. Because concrete and terrazzo floors have materials that vary in hardness, pads that are too soft can produce an uneven finish. RP&M’s unique design removes marks and scratches, leaving an even, honed, refined floor that’s easy to maintain. The RP&M Pad series will produce a satin finish or if preferred, a higher, brighter shine.


RP&M Program

Features & Benefits

A concise and complete floor maintenance program.

  • A custom blend of abrasives and materials ensures superior performance

  • A unique open weave allows improved rinsing thereby increasing pad life

  • Better results in fewer steps. Efficiency = Reduced labor costs 

Sold by the case of 4
The case includes 2 individual packs of 2 pads

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