Uniquely Formulated: Safe, Butyl-Free & Biodegradable

DuraClean is uniquely formulated for the regular removal of soils from any surface not harmed by water. DuraClean’s state of the art chemistry allows it to be highly effective against grease & oil and still be pH neutral in concentrate. Fresh and clean fragrance enhances the user experience.

Superior Cleaning Results: Dries without leaving residue, streaks or spots!

DuraClean is rinse and streak free and will not dull or damage finished floors. It is the ideal cleaner for use on highly polished surfaces in bright light where mop streaks left behind are a problem.

Neutral pH Formula & Non-Alkaline

DuraClean has a neutral pH formula that will not harm polymeric coatings on polished surfaces, it is especially recommended for the daily cleaning of topically protected polished concrete.

Daily, non-alkaline floor cleaner concentrate delivers superior cleaning results in polished concrete surfaces.




Auto-Scrubber, By Hand
Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Marble, Porcelain, Terrazzo
FTC120055 Gal (19L)

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