Star 3 Step System

Star 3 Step System

This is a fast action polishing system that will lower your labor costs. It cuts down the steps from 7 to 3 achieving shine in 50% less time hence the low labor costs. The Star 3-Step is one of the best systems for polishing granite. The light colors of the pads prevent any colour transfer to the stone surface. It has a unique segment design making it flexible.

With the Star 3-Step you can expect excellent polishing without scratches or haze.


Add the buff step to dark materials for an enhanced shine.


  • Hand Held Grinder
  • Engineered Stone
  • Granite
  • Wet
STP04014" (100mm)Position 1
STP04024" (100mm)Position 2
STP04034" (100mm)Position 3
STP04BF4" (100mm)Buff