Thin Wall Core Drill

Thin Wall Core Drill

Our Thin Wall Core Drill is dramatically improved with a 1mm thick wall that effortlessly cuts through granite, engineered stone, Dekton® and porcelain tile. 

The 6mm high sintered crown guarantees a long tool life.  In testing, this drill surpassed well over 1,000 holes!

There's no chipping and the drill can come within 1mm of the stone's surface.

Ideal for CNC machines in the 1/2-Gas attachment.

  • CNC Machine
  • Hand Held Grinder
  • Engineered Stone
  • Granite
  • Porcelain
  • Dekton®
  • Wet
TWCD0125A1/8'' (3.18mm)5/8-11
TWCD0125B1/8'' (3.18mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD0250A1/4'' (6.35mm)5/8-11
TWCD0250B1/4'' (6.35mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD0375A3/8'' (9.53mm)5/8-11
TWCD0375B3/8'' (9.53mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD0500A1/2'' (12.70mm)5/8-11
TWCD0500B1/2'' (12.70mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD0625A5/8'' (15.88mm)5/8-11
TWCD0625B5/8'' (15.88mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD0750A3/4'' (19.05mm)5/8-11
TWCD0750B3/4'' (19.05mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD1000A1'' (25.40mm)5/8-11
TWCD1000B1'' (25.40mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD1250A1-1/4'' (31.75mm)5/8-11
TWCD1250B1-1/4'' (31.75mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD1375A1-3/8'' (34.93mm)5/8-11
TWCD1375B1-3/8'' (34.93mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD1500A1-1/2'' (38.10mm)5/8-11
TWCD1500B1-1/2'' (38.10mm)1/2 Gas
TWCD1750A1-3/4'' (44.45mm)5/8-11
TWCD1750B1-3/4'' (44.45mm)1/2 Gas