Cleaner, Shinier Floors

Did you know that the red pad or other similar filament pads leave micro-scratches on the floor dulling the finish over time?  The EcoCare is a dense, non-scratch material that efficiently removes particles without scratching the surface.  The density also prevents larger abrasive debris from catching in the material potentially gouging the floor.

Absorbent & Eco-Friendly

The absorbency of the EcoCare spreads the water and soap more efficiently reducing the amount of liquid required.  Less soap and water means fewer tank refills, less time wasted and is more environmentally friendly.  In addition, the EcoCare last up to 10 times longer than competitive products producing far less waste.


Designed for auto-scrubbers and burnishers, the EcoCare is ideal for all floor surfaces including concrete, VCT, linoleum, marble, travertine, terrazzo, natural stone, ceramic tiles and porcelain.

Contact us to see how this product can change your daily floor care routine.

Burnisher, Auto-Scrubber, Swing Machine, ROPE Machine
Ceramic Tile, Concrete, Marble, Porcelain, Terrazzo, Travertine, VCT & LVT Flooring
DRSEN14X2014" x 20"
DRSEN14X2814" x 28"
DRSEN1212'' (300mm)
DRSEN1313'' (330mm)
DRSEN14 14'' (350mm)
DRSEN1515'' (380mm)
DRSEN1616'' (400mm)
DRSEN1717'' (430mm)
DRSEN2020'' (500mm)

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