EP Continuous Rim

Composites Application

  • Designed for precise, straight and aggressive cuts. 
  • Best suited for straight cuts.
  • Available in large diameters.

Stone Application

  • An ideal choice for chip-free cutting of soft stones.

Add-on Option 

  • Add side spokes to allow the blade to cut without jamming

Standard dimensions listed below. Custom diameters and core thicknesses available.
Our EP blades are 40/50 grit standard. Other grits are available upon request.
Please specify the bore size when ordering.

Hand Held Grinder , Stationary Saw
Composites - Plastics , Fiberglass , Limestone , Marble
Wet , Dry
EPC02042" (50mm).042"
EPC03043" (75mm).042"
EPC04044" (100mm).042"
EPC45054 1/2" (115mm).042"
EPC05045" (125mm).042"
EPC06056" (150mm).055"
EPC07057" (180mm).057"
EPC08088" (200mm).087"
EPC100810" (250mm).087"
EPC120812" (300mm).087"
EPC140814" (350mm).087"
EPC181218" (450mm).120"
EPC191219" (483mm).125"
EPC201320" (500mm).134"
EPC221322" (550mm).134"
EPC241324" (600mm).134"
EPC261326" (650mm).134"
EPC281828" (700mm).187"
EPC301830" (750mm).187"
EPC321832" (800mm).187"

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