Excalibur Flexible Disc

  • Flexible backing ideal for complex shapes
  • Often used like sandpaper
  • 5/8" center hole optional
  • Most popular diameters shown below
  • Can be cut into diameters up to 12"
  • Can be cut into any custom shape you require
  • Female hook & loop backing for quick load and release
Hand Held Grinder , Swing Machine
Composites - Plastics , Concrete , Fiberglass , Glass , Granite , Marble , Terrazzo
Wet , Dry
EXF0300403" (75mm)40
EXF0300603" (75mm)60
EXF0301203" (75mm)120
EXF0302203" (75mm)220
EXF0304003" (75mm)400
EXF0306003" (75mm)600
EXF0400404" (100mm)40
EXF0400604" (100mm)60
EXF0401204" (100mm)120
EXF0402204" (100mm)220
EXF0404004" (100mm)400
EXF0406004" (100mm)600
EXF0500405" (125mm)40
EXF0500605" (125mm)60
EXF0501205" (125mm)120
EXF0502205" (125mm)220
EXF0504005" (125mm)400
EXF0506005" (125mm)600
EXF0700407" (180mm)40
EXF0700607" (180mm)60
EXF0701207" (180mm)120
EXF0702207" (180mm)220
EXF0704007" (180mm)400
EXF0706007" (180mm)600

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