Sec Disc

  • The solid stainless steel backing makes this tool light but strong for those tough applications
  • Curved and lightweight 1/16" (1.6mm) steel body
  • The fully exposed diamond allows you to remove material with little effort
  • Used for shape grinding, weld cleanup, stock removal and bevelling
  • Ideal for dry applications where wet is not an option
Hand Held Grinder
Composites - Plastics , Fiberglass , Marble , Cast Iron
Wet , Dry
SEC4500016A4 1/2" (115mm)16
SEC4500030A4 1/2" (115mm)30
SEC4500040A4 1/2" (115mm)40
SEC4500100A4 1/2" (115mm)100
SEC4500200A4 1/2" (115mm)200
SEC07016A7" (180mm)16
SEC07030A7" (180mm)30
SEC07040A7" (180mm)40
SEC07100A7" (180mm)100
SEC07200A7" (180mm)200

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