Diamond Impenetro

  • Prevents stains and soils from penetrating concrete without forming a harmful film structure.
  • Works on the concrete surface to penetrate the open pores and fill them with the product's active ingredient forming an impenetrable shield to oil and grease while not forming a film.
  • The active ingredient forms a vertical column in the pore that is acid resistant and is a total barrier to oil, water, grease and other common soils that are often spilled or trafficked onto concrete.
  • Not a topical coating. Competitive products form a film on the surface that over time wears away, leading to highly visible traffic patterns that are difficult to remove.
  • Extremely easy to apply and cost effective to use
  • Only one coat need be applied.
  • Floors protected by Impenetro are much easier to maintain and keep clean.
  • Impenetro will last for 2-5 years depending on the maintenance program selected for the concrete surface (discuss this with your supplier).
  • Impenetro can be reapplied in high traffic areas as new pores in the concrete may be exposed by wear.
  • Impenetro coverage rate: 500–700 sq ft per gallon
  • Always read the MSDS and follow the application instructions carefully
IMP0164 x 1.05 Gal (4 x 4L)
IMP0205.28 Gal (20L)

Diamond Impenetro MSDS

Always read the MSDS and follow the application instructions carefully.
Toujours lire les fiches techniques et suivre les instructions d'application.