• DuraClean daily cleaner degreaser.
  • Neutral in pH so will not dull the gloss of DuraCoat, yet is still effective at the daily cleaning of greasy soil and other tracked in dirt from polished concrete surfaces.
  • Highly concentrated to lower your cost of maintenance while still providing a highly effective cleaning solution.
  • Rinses free and residue free – preventing build ups that reduce the surface’s appearance and lowering the time it takes for effective surface maintenance. 
  • May be used in both mopping and automatic scrubber applications as well as for spay application for spot cleaning or above floor maintenance.
  • Will not harm any surface that is not harmed by water providing an effective cleaning application for many surfaces.
FTC120055 Gal (19L)
DuraClean SDS

Auto-Scrubber , By Hand
Ceramic Tile , Concrete , Marble , Porcelain , Terrazzo