Diamond Tool Branding Services

Stand out in your market with our Branding Services. We develop innovative solutions that give you that extra competitive edge.


1. Labels and packaging

Promote your brand name with distinctive, custom-designed labels and packaging—an affordable option available in low minimum orders.

Custom logo stamping on diamond resin pads

2. Stamped resins

Stand out in your market by stamping your brand name or logo on the velcro of our most popular resin pads —an attractive way to highlight your products with accessible minimums.

Custom name engraving on metal diamond tools

3. Engraved metals

Create a lasting impression in your market when we engrave your brand name into metal tooling. Facilitate re-ordering by adding part numbers or your toll free phone number.

Custom colors on metal diamond tools

4. Custom Grit Colors

Make your diamond tooling instantly recognizable and your brand distinctive with custom grit colors on metal tools.