Diamond Vacuum Brazing Services

We are proud to offer diamond vacuum brazing capabilities right here in North America since 2003. Our department remains on the cutting edge of technology by developing new processes, trying new formulations and pushing the limits to produce some of the most advanced diamond tools in the market.

Producing high-quality, competitively priced diamond vacuum brazed products made to your exact specifications.


Low minimums

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Shorter lead times

Distances are shorter.
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North American quality

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diamond electroplating facility.

Vacuum Brazing New Steel Blanks

We Vacuum Braze a wide variety of complex wheels and steels forms for a vast array of industries and applications. For Vacuum Brazed coating services simply send us your steel blanks or preforms and we will vacuum braze the tool to your specifications.

Refurbished Used Vacuum Brazed Wheels

Replacing complex wheels or very large cores can be costly and have long lead times. Often it’s far less expensive to have old wheels stripped and re-coated. Our clients save an average of 25% with our stripping and re-coating services greatly extending the life of complex and expensive specialized tools.

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Custom Vacuum Brazed Tooling