• High quality resin formulation
  • Proven to be a long lasting pad
  • Flexible construction that is ideal for complex shapes and edge work
Female hook & loop backing
CP300503" (75mm)50
CP301003" (75mm)100
CP302003" (75mm)200
CP304003" (75mm)400
CP306003" (75mm)600
CP308003" (75mm)800
CP315003" (75mm)1500
CP330003" (75mm)3000
CP3BUFFB3" (75mm)Buff Black
CP3BUFFW3" (75mm)Buff White
CP400504" (100mm)50
CP401004" (100mm)100
CP402004" (100mm)200
CP404004" (100mm)400
CP406004" (100mm)600
CP408004" (100mm)800
CP415004" (100mm)1500
CP430004" (100mm)3000
CP4BUFFB4" (100mm)Buff Black
CP4BUFFW4" (100mm)Buff White
CP500505" (125mm)50
CP501005" (125mm)100
CP502005" (125mm)200
CP504005" (125mm)400
CP506005" (125mm)600
CP508005" (125mm)800
CP515005" (125mm)1500
CP530005" (125mm)3000
CP5BUFFB5" (125mm)Buff Black
CP5BUFFW5" (125mm)Buff White