Vanity Drum - Without Bearing

  • Grinds uneven surfaces after cutting sink holes
  • The fully exposed diamond allows you to remove material with little effort
  • Ideal for preparing the edge for final polishing
  • The two sided wrench flat ensures effortless install and removal


Nut with 5/8-11 thread.
DM0102040A1"ø x 2"L40
DM0102080A1"ø x 2"L80
DM0102100A1"ø x 2"L100
DM0102200A1"ø x 2"L200
DM0202040A2"ø x 2"L 40
DM0202080A2"ø x 2"L80
DM0202100A2"ø x 2"L100
DM0202200A2"ø x 2"L200
DM0302040A3"ø x 2"L40
DM0302080A3"ø x 2"L80
DM0302100A3"ø x 2"L100
DM0302200A3"ø x 2"L200
Hand Held Grinder
Engineered Stone , Granite , Marble
Wet , Dry