Tru Form Shape E - Bevel

  • The TruForm profile wheel fits on any hand held grinder with its 5/8-11 attachment
  • The two sided wrench flat ensures effortless install and removal
  • The top spacer allows you to work manually keeping the wheel perfectly aligned with the slab edge
  • Available in high-performance composite or stainless steel
  • The bottom guide bearing guarantees a consistent and even shape
  • Both bearings work independently for smooth operation
Certain shapes and sizes are available on order only. Please contact our knowledgeable staff for a quote at (800) 342-2523.
TFME05Z5mm (3/16")Brazed Metal
TFME07Z7mm (1/4")Brazed Metal
TFME10Z10mm (3/8")Brazed Metal
TFME15Z15mm (5/8")Brazed Metal
TFME20Z20mm (3/4")Brazed Metal
TFPE05ZK5mm (3/16")Brazed Plastic
TFPE07ZK7mm (1/4")Brazed Plastic
TFPE10ZK10mm (3/8")Brazed Plastic
TFPE15ZK15mm (5/8")Brazed Plastic
TFPE20ZK20mm (3/4")Brazed Plastic
Hand Held Grinder
Granite , Marble