Polypad Plus

Polypad Plus

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  • The PolyPad Plus makes daily maintenance a breeze.
  • With consistent use, they effectively remove scratches and help bring back the original gloss and luster keeping the floors looking new.
  • They can also be used as a final polishing step to make the shine really pop.
  • Concentrated diamond ensures long wear and high performance.
  • Wear dots on the working surface indicates when the pads need to be changed.
  • Préparation de surface
  • Machine DuraShine
  • Polisseuse
  • Béton
  • Terrazzo
  • Humide
  • Sec
PLPP0504005" (125mm)400
PLPP0508005" (125mm)800
PLPP0515005" (125mm)1500
PLPP0530005" (125mm)3000
PLPP0560005" (125mm)6000
PLPP05120005" (125mm)12000
PLPP0704007" (180mm)400
PLPP0708007" (180mm)800
PLPP0715007" (180mm)1500
PLPP0730007" (180mm)3000
PLPP0760007" (180mm)6000
PLPP07120007" (180mm)12000
PLPP13040013" (330mm)400
PLPP13080013" (330mm)800
PLPP13150013" (330mm)1500
PLPP13300013" (330mm)3000
PLPP13600013" (330mm)6000
PLPP131200013" (330mm)12000
PLPP14040014" (350mm)400
PLPP14080014" (350mm)800
PLPP14150014" (350mm)1500
PLPP14300014" (350mm)3000
PLPP14600014" (350mm)6000
PLPP141200014" (350mm)12000
PLPP15040015" (380mm)400
PLPP15080015" (380mm)800
PLPP15150015" (380mm)1500
PLPP153000 15" (380mm)3000
PLPP15600015" (380mm)6000
PLPP151200015" (380mm)12000
PLPP16040016" (400mm)400
PLPP16080016" (400mm)800
PLPP16150016" (400mm)1500
PLPP16300016" (400mm)3000
PLPP16600016" (400mm)6000
PLPP161200016" (400mm)12000
PLPP17040017" (430mm)400
PLPP17080017" (430mm)800
PLPP17150017" (430mm)1500
PLPP17300017" (430mm)3000
PLPP17600017" (430mm)6000
PLPP171200017" (430mm)12000
PLPP18040018" (450mm)400
PLPP18080018" (450mm)800
PLPP18150018" (450mm)1500
PLPP18300018" (450mm)3000
PLPP18600018" (450mm)6000
PLPP181200018" (450mm)12000
PLPP19040019" (483mm)400
PLPP19080019" (483mm)800
PLPP19150019" (483mm)1500
PLPP19300019" (483mm)3000
PLPP19600019" (483mm)6000
PLPP191200019" (483mm)12000
PLPP20040020" (500mm)400
PLPP20080020" (500mm)800
PLPP20150020" (500mm)1500
PLPP20300020" (500mm)3000
PLPP20600020" (500mm)6000
PLPP201200020" (500mm)12000
PLPP21040021" (533mm)400
PLPP21080021" (533mm)800
PLPP21150021" (533mm)1500
PLPP21300021" (533mm)3000
PLPP21600021" (533mm)6000
PLPP211200021" (533mm)12000
PLPP27040027" (686mm)400
PLPP27080027" (686mm)800
PLPP27150027" (686mm)1500
PLPP27300027" (686mm)3000
PLPP27600027" (686mm)6000
PLPP271200027" (686mm)12000

Technical Data Sheet - PolyPad Plus (English)