Switch System™

Switch Disc - Ten S

Switch System™

Switch Disc - Ten S

Switch Ten S

The Switch Ten S leaves a subtle scratch pattern while effortlessly preparing the concrete floor for polishing steps.  Ten metal bond, radial edged segments easily ride over inconsistencies in the floor.  The thick segments make this product even more popular for its longevity. Available in soft, medium and hard bonds for all types of concrete.

One tooling system. Three machine brands.

Switch tools are engineered to perform on both Prep/Master® and Husqvarna® machines. In addition, using our patent pending Conversion Clip, these same tools are also a perfect match for Terrco® machines.

Switch SystemTM Advantage

One tooling program for three machines. Maximize your sales while carrying less inventory. Ideal tooling program for distributors.

  • Préparation de surface
  • Béton
  • Humide
  • Sec
EGTS10S0163'' (76mm)Soft16
EGTS10S0303'' (76mm)Soft30
EGTS10S0703'' (76mm)Soft70
EGTS10S1203'' (76mm)Soft120
EGTS10M0163'' (76mm)Medium16
EGTS10M0303'' (76mm)Medium30
EGTS10M0703'' (76mm)Medium70
EGTS10M1203'' (76mm)Medium120
EGTS10H0163'' (76mm)Hard16
EGTS10H0303'' (76mm)Hard30
EGTS10H0703'' (76mm)Hard70
EGTS10H1203'' (76mm)Hard120