Le système Ultra est un système de tampon de plancher imprégné de diamant conçu pour les planchers en béton revêtus ainsi que les sols en VCT, LVT et en caoutchouc. Le système Ultra se compose d'une série de tampons efficaces pour vous aider à décaper les planchers, à les préparer, à les nettoyer quotidiennement ou à les entretenir et à les lustrer. Le système Ultra est un système d'entretien polyvalent pour une large gamme de planchers revêtus.

Driving complexity out of floorcare

The Ultra program is a simple and straightforward approach to floor care with each pad carefully designed and tested to provide visibly superior results.

The Ultra Strip pad removes old floor finishes efficiently without damaging the floor surface. The Ultra Prep is a low-grit pad designed to remove stains and damage on the floor. The Ultra Glow and Ultra Shine sequence of pads hones then polishes the floor for a brilliant finish. Use the EcoCare for all your daily maintenance requirements.

ULTRA™ Benefits

  • Use on basic maintenance equipment
  • Manage stains and surface damage easily
  • Keeps coated floors looking good longer

Cost Savings

  • Lower training costs
  • Avoid using labour-intensive waxes and coatings


  • Reduced overall chemical consumption
  • All products are North American-made

Ideal Program For

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